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Loading made easier

Equi Balance™ trailer design introduces a tailgate system that is raised to form a platform even with the floor of the
trailer. The horse steps up on to the platform, turns and backs into the trailer
Why is it easier to step a horse back into a horse trailer?  
The horse maintains his line of sight to external influences and perceived threats. He feels secure from behind as he moves over an even surface.
The horse is tethered with a single rope at or below wither height. He can lower his head as he would in a relaxed standing position, or to clear his respiratory passages which is essential, particularly if in transit for long periods of time.
At all times during loading the handler is at the horse’s head.
The Equi Balance™ rear-facing and rear-loading trailers are fitted with a unique tailgate secure handle. Simply stand aside and lower the handle with one hand movement. This activates an internal mechanism that locks the tailgate in place.

Travelling made safer

Equi BalanceTM provides the means for better stability because it's designed around the horse's centre of gravity and how it moves to maintain a strong stance. Due to the unique position of the axles, the centre of gravity of both horse and trailer are aligned, creating the most stable situation available in a horse trailer today.

Equi BalanceTM rear-loading and rear-facing trailer design allows your horse to: Balance naturally and rest in transit, load willingly, unload calmly, maintain his line of sight, drop his head below his withers to clear respiratory passages, use his thorasic sling and maintain his weight over forequarters, keep his centre of gravity at the steadiest part of the trailer, maintain his sacroilliac in normal position, drop his head and lean over forequarters during acceleration or sudden change of direction, present his fleshy rump against the bulkhead on severe braking.

Relaxed arrival

To unlock the tailgate, simply stand aside and raise the handle with one hand movement. At all times during unloading the handler is at the horse's head. The horse steps out from the trailer to the tailgate which is now lowered to form a ramp. The horse maintains his line of sight to all activity as he unloads calmly, without rushing or bolting out, and will be less likely to be fatigued, stressed or injured.

  The Equi Balance™ unique design supports the horse’s anatomy and automatic balance. These trailers are specifi cally designed to allow your horse to maintain his forward lean and balance naturally without leaning into or being thrown into chest, centre or rump restraints.  
  At all times during loading /unloading the handler is at the horse’s head.